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English Creme

Our pups are raised in a home environment and are handled from birth to placement.  Pups will have a start on basic obedience, potty training and leash training before leaving the nest.  They are vet checked and have their first shots, dew claws removed and are started on a deworming regimen.  Pups are available to leave at 8 - 10 weeks of age.  (Preferably 10 weeks- the longer they stay with Mom and Dad the better they will be in the long run.  However, with that being said, litter release times may vary with each litter.  For example, due to Christmas our pups went home at 8 weeks.)

Both mom and dad are on the premises.  Dad has been a hands on father, enjoying romping and teaching good manners to his babies!  It is amazing how tender and gentle he is with them.  Mom is very devoted to her babies and great about visitors.  That being said, visits must be pre-arranged and please, no small children.  

Mom and Dad are like our own children and live in our household as such.  We live on a 35 acre parcel, with a pond for swimming and froggiging and plenty of room to stretch their legs for much needed exercise.  

  My husband and I are very dedicated to our pups and joyfully give of our time and attention to them.  We have been breeding Golden Retrievers since about 2005.  We bred cocker spaniels before that.  In 2010 we bought our first English Creme and the rest is pretty much history.  We have fallen totally in love with their beauty and most of all awesome temperament.  Our main goal is to raise healthy, good tempered, family pets and with proper training the potential to be gun dogs, or excellent therapy dogs.

We have trained mom and dad on therapy and they have each ran agility.   We also have age and size appropriate agility equipment in the play pen for pups.  It is amazing how quickly they respond and explore each new "toy" they are introduced to.  We believe giving pups a rich and interesting environment helps them to adjust more easily to life away from each other.  

In addition to lots of love and attention, we use the Misty Method of potty training.  This method is started at about 2.5 - 3 weeks of age.  It is amazing how quickly pups will transition from pottying in the sleep area to the potty area.  In part, this is due to the fact that mom diligently keeps the nesting area clean of all waste.  The pups quickly learn that defecating or urinating in their sleeping/eating areas is not acceptable.  We have a separate area in the den/play area for that purpose.   We feel this extra attention to the small details, makes the transition to your home and their final house training that much easier.  Because of this, we find that most of our pups are completely potty trained by 12 - 14 weeks of age.  

We encourage owners to use a kennel at home.  The kennel not only offers a quiet place for the pup to get much needed rest, it also protects him/her from dangers you may not even realize exist.  The rule of thumb, pup should be in Kennel except for meal time, play time and potty time - but especially when you cannot be directly interacting with him/her.

We offer a lifetime of support and will always be there to answer questions or offer advice.  

Because we take breeding seriously we have began breeder courses offered by the AKC.  Our goal is to eventually complete all courses.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) has issued a certificate of completion for the following courses:

Certificate of Completion AKC:  ABC's of Dog Breeding, Part 1 Course (AKC CEU credit hours:  6)

Certificate of Completion AKC:  AKC Breeding Basics Course  (AKC CEU credit hours;  2)


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