Welcome To Bailey's
English Creme

Bailey is EXPECTING!!  We are expecting pups somewhere from July 11-18.  

If you are on the reserved list, your deposit check is due NOW!  We will wait one week, and then if we have not received your check, you will move to the bottom of the list.  Today is June 1, 2017.  Therefore, deposits are due June 8, 2017.  

For your convenience mail checks:

Mari Negro

W5131 Number 41 Rd

Hermansville, MI  49847

or call:




We are currently expecting pups sometime between July 11 -18.  We are currently accepting names for our Waiting List and Reservation List.  To have your name added, please send an email to europeangoldens@gmail.com or fill out a puppy application available under the Puppy Application Tab.    If sending an email, please include 3 references with your Veterinarian as one of them.  Tell us about yourself, the type of environment you plan to raise your pup in and the sex preference.  

To be put on our Early Reservation List, an application must be filled out and approved.  To remain on this list, a $500 deposit and signed contract is required once a pregnancy has been confirmed.  Once this happens all folks on the reservation list will be contacted and given 1 week to mail deposit and contract.  Because we cannot predict the size of litter or the sex of pups, we cannot guarantee sex of pup or availibility.  In the event there is not enough pups to fulfill a sex preference, the next pick in line will be granted the first right of refusal and so on.  If there is not enough pups to fulfill our reservation list, the deposit will either be returned or put toward the next litter- at the breeders discretion.  

Our Wait List only requires an email with your name and contact info.  Folks on the Wait List will be contacted only if the number of puppies exceeds the names on our Reservation List.  



1st Pick Female:  Patricia C. (Reserved)

1st Pick Male :  Jenni G. (Reserved)

2nd Pick FemaleTerry D. (Reserved)

2nd Pick Male:  Jodi H. (Reserved)

                                    3rd Pick Female:  Beth E. (Reserved))                               

3rd Pick Male: Erin N.  (Pending)

4th Pick Female:

5th Pick Female:  




Joanne A. (next litter)