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06-26-2017 4:15:17 PM CST

This little boy loves his dog- but it looks like his dog might live him MORE!

06-22-2017 12:37:47 PM CST

Here is Elsa's latest pic! (red) she is the sweetest girl ever! I can't imagine being without her! I just LOVE seeing the pics of her brothers and sisters!!! they are soooo adorable!

Nate and Annette
06-21-2017 3:10:02 PM CST

Winter ( aka. Yellow ) with her best friend Cali!

Kris Schaeffer   Klschaef@techplanners.com
06-20-2017 10:03:11 AM CST

Here's our handsome boy, Traveler! He's been the best puppy ever-so sweet and smart! He's 8 months old now.

06-17-2017 8:52:35 PM CST

Brodie (aka "purple). Such a sweetheart. Beloved in our family and neighborhood!

Mari & Les
05-04-2017 3:59:09 PM CST
Wow! The pics are absolutely wonderful. As always- thanks for sharing! We are super excited that we will soon be looking forward to new puppies!!! This will be Bailey's last litter! Bittersweet!

05-02-2017 6:46:11 PM CST

Winter's first road trip. Black Hills, S.D..

04-26-2017 7:27:22 AM CST

Elsa's 1st Easter

04-13-2017 12:59:06 PM CST

48 lbs and 1 week shy of her 6 month birthday

04-04-2017 3:37:51 PM CST

51/2 months old

04-04-2017 3:36:29 PM CST
Good day at the park! 50 lbs.

02-23-2017 10:00:32 AM CST

Elsa on her 4 month birthday :)

02-18-2017 7:12:19 PM CST

35.4 lbs today, 2-18-2017

Mari & Les
02-06-2017 4:13:32 PM CST
Thank you to all of YOU!! You have made our lives so much richer knowing that our babies- now YOUR babies- have such wonderful lives! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!! Blessings!!

01-18-2017 11:04:29 PM CST

Brodie in Wauwatosa

Nathan and Annette
01-17-2017 8:20:18 PM CST


Nathan and Annette
01-17-2017 8:18:10 PM CST

01-16-2017 3:09:27 PM CST

Elsa and her ball

01-16-2017 3:08:26 PM CST

New picture of my baby :)

Annette and Nathan
12-28-2016 8:01:31 PM CST

Winter! 15.8lbs today

Nathan & Annette
12-24-2016 4:22:05 PM CST

Winter (yellow) from the last liter. She finds some interesting places to sleep.

12-20-2016 11:07:11 AM CST

I also had to share this one!

12-20-2016 11:06:21 AM CST

This is our new baby Elsa! We are already in love with her- she is the sweetest ever!!!!

11-19-2016 6:56:41 AM CST

11-18-2016 4:25:30 PM CST
This is Emma ! She's such a willing wonderful helper ! She carries egg baskets, buckets, purses, groceries, sticks everything you can imagine! She's so loved! We can't wait for her brother to arrive in December!!!

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